Welcome to Juniper Grill!

Juniper Grill was established on the principles of creating a cozy, yet modern, atmosphere. Our menu was developed from a wide variety of American cuisine with a southwest flair. Our Chef's prepare everything from scratch using only the best products available.

We major in fresh squeezed juice margaritas, sipping tequilas and craft beers. Our extensive wine list features 47 wines by the bottle and over 30 wines by the glass.

Recent Blog Posts
  • Expanding The Juniper Grill Family Expanding The Juniper Grill FamilyAs most of you may have heard, we are currently in the process of opening a new Juniper Grill in Cranberry Township, PA.  We are thrilled to have the opportunity to expand Juniper Grill and introduce our wood fire grill to the residents north of Pittsburgh! At Juniper Grill, we take a lot of pride in what we create in our kitchens.  It takes a special chef with a strong passion for food to fit into our team of culinary experts.  After months of searching for the right chef, we are proud to finally announce the newest member to our Culinary Team! Here are a few fun facts about our ne... Read more..
  • The Season Of Gazpacho The Season Of Gazpacho When you think Summer, you normally do not think of soup.  However, this hot season is the perfect time of year for Gazpacho due to is refreshing qualities and cold serving temperature! A traditional gazpacho is tomato based.  However, you will see many modern variations that omit tomatoes and use seasonal vegetables, meat stock and even seafood! My gazpacho recipe is based more on the traditional gazpacho using fresh roma tomatoes.  I prefer the roma tomato as it has fewer seeds than other... Read more..
  • The Almighty Vegetable! The Almighty Vegetable! The Power Of Vegetables As we all know, January is the month that most people decide to start eating healthy and exercise.  To go along with the January health craze, I decided to post my families ratatouille recipe.   It is such a simple recipe and offers so many great benefits from th... Read more..
  • A Tasty Winter Treat A Tasty Winter Treat White Chocolate Crème Brulee I recently made this dessert for our Wine Society, Winter Tasting.  I received such a great response from our guests that I thought I would share it with you!  Although it is not the easiest chocolate to work with, I feel that it is the best chocolate to us... Read more..
  • The Tastes Of Fall The Tastes Of Fall Pork Tenderloin With Dried Fruit Veloute This time of year is my favorite.   You can really start to take your cooking up a notch with some flavorful and hearty entrees that are perfect for Fall!  I selected the Pork Tenderloin because of the texture and flavor... Read more..
  • The Harvest Season Of Tomatoes And Cucumbers The Harvest Season Of Tomatoes And Cucumbers

    Get Them While They Are Fresh! With only a month or two left of homegrown tomato and cucumber season, I thought it would be a perfect time to share my cucumber and vine... Read more..
  • The Tasty World Of Avocados The Tasty World Of AvocadosThe Avocado

    This time of year is perfect for the distinct flavor of the avocado!  With its non sweet, almost creamy texture, the avocado is great to add to any Summer meal!

    This tasty fruit has been around for ages.  They were actually known to have been found in tombs... Read more..